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Story Background: Players assume the role of "Justin Grandar", an American soldier, that is being deployed in Iraq.While En Route to a destroyed Iraqi city after a terrorist strike, an Iraqi soldier shoots an RPG into the chopper, killing the pilot on impact.The chopper crashed into the sandy deserts of Iraq.Only 3 soldiers survived the crash, and they all have to figure out how to operate and survive.

ATTENTION:                                                                                                                                                                  This page will eventually have the $1.00 (USD) Beta, and the trailer.We have decided on the price of the full game.The full game will be $5.00 (USD), but we promise you that the price WILL be worth it!

War Is HELL Development Time: 1 and a half months

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Published 80 days ago
AuthorBrutallion Studios


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To all our supporters: We DO accept donations! -Brutallion Studios

The Beta of War Is Hell is not know when to be released, but we predict about aq couple months (or earlier) for Beta 1. -Brutallion Studios