A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Feed is a full game in the "Infinite Eater / Agar.io" category.It is only $5!A kind of game that is supposed to be very addictive!If you are on an older PC, (Vaio, Windows XP box) then if you run in to lag, you should restart the game and lower the graphics in the Configuration Menu.As always Enjoy the Game!

Contact me at: smlange0831@gmail.com!

Install instructions

Click your Operating System (OS) Download.Then wait for it to finish.Open up the folder, double click (left click x2) on the .exe file.Click Extract All, it will extract and send you to a new file, click the .exe file on that one and you will be at the Configuration Menu.Here you will choose your graphics settings, and if you are on an older PC (Vaio or XP box, etc.), if it runs laggy, lower the graphics quality.Enjoy The Game!


The Feed Update.zip (54 MB)


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Hey Guys!This Update is a Happy Easter Update!If you liked the game, make sure to give me some feedback at: smlange0831@gmail.com!Happy Easter and, Enjoy The Game! -AddiCtivE GaMeS